My first Blog

I’ve been wanting to blog for a while…but having a baby has me pretty busy these days (best kind of busy ever). SO, after a while of much thought, distraction, preparation, procrastination and some planning, here I am…finally doing it!

Some of you may know, and some of you may not know…after my season of America’s Next Top Model started airing, I had a pretty bomb diggydig blog, which was TONS of fun! It was a blog about the show, as well as my modeling endeavors, many world travels and fashion events.

Since then, I’ve gained many followers on social media, and you guys are constantly messaging me with great questions & comments and I hate that I can’t respond to everyone! Also, I think we can all agree that social media tends to be quite misleading. We all put our best selves out on social media (including myself) and I hate the thought of anyone thinking my life is perfect. I, like every single person on this planet have challenges, obstacles, opinions, triumphs, and insecurities. I want to be real and honest with you guys.

So I figured that all of this, combined with all of my adventures, ideas, thoughts, experiences, and shenanigans, I should probably start blogging again! I am going to be answering some questions you guys have been throwing at me, as well as blogging about Family, Faith, Fitness, Fashion & Fun. Lotsa F’s.

Alright…first official blog coming tomorrow! It’s a good one:)