Q & A

I gave you guys the green light on my instagram to ask me ANY question, promising I’d post them on my blog, along with all of the answers! Here they are:)

Q) How have you stayed so healthy?
A) It all starts with my mind! I try and keep a healthy mindset and stay intentional and consistent with the way I exercise, eat, and take care of myself.

Q) What mascara do you use?
A) Clinique Lash doubling Mascara in Black.

Q) How is your life now with a husband and a baby?
A) I’ve never been so happy, and my heart has never been so full. I wake up every day thinking, “This HAS to be a dream because this is all too good to be true” it sounds cheesy but it’s the honest truth.

Q) Are you still modeling?
A) Yes, BUT family comes first. I have my dream job now- and that’s being a Mommy! :):) If a modeling job means I have to travel too far or be gone for too long, I will turn it down.

Q) How old are you?
A) Old enough that I’m going to lie about it. 26.

Q) Were you invited to participate in ANTM All stars?
A) My modeling career had already taken off and I was very busy traveling the world for work, which I decided, took precedence 🙂

Q) How long did it take you to feel comfortable with your eyebrows?
A) I’ll be honest…some days I’m not feelin’ them! But overall, I think once I got into modeling and realized they were different (and different is ALWAYS good) I started to embrace them more.

Q) 1. What countries have you been to? 2. What countries would you like to visit?
A) 1. USA, New Zealand, France, China, Macau, Philippines, Peru, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guam, England, Ibiza. 2. Since I am mostly German, I’d like to perhaps one day visit Germany 🙂 But for the most part, I’m all traveled out! I’d like to stay in one country for a good long while.

Q) What are your tips for clear skin?
A) It’s different for everyone. For me, I think clear skin starts with what I put in my body. I also drink a lot of water. The more water I drink, the more glowey my skin becomes. I think eating healthy fats (avocado, coconut & olive oil) really helps. I always take my makeup off before bed no matter how tired I am, and I always keep my face moisturized and wear sunscreen.

Q) What was your experience on America’s Next Top Model like?
A) To put it short- It was a crazy adventure! I certainly learned a lot about myself and grew some thick skin which I’m appreciative of. We were always on the go and very busy. It was like a whirlwind!

Q) Did your experience on ANTM help your career?
A) Yes! The show helped me gain great exposure. It also prepared me for the fast paced, cut throat side of the industry.

Q) How did you lose so much weight after pregnancy?
A) There are a few factors. I stayed active during my pregnancy and ate very healthy. I would walk 4-5 miles every day and go swimming at least 3 times a week. I think staying active during my pregnancy was key. Once my doctor cleared me to work out again after I gave birth, I went on 4 mile walks every day, and 2-3 times a week I’d run 3-5 miles on my treadmill. I also made sure I stretched & did very light yoga every day. But I think I owe most of it to breastfeeding!!! Also, I always let myself have treats, but for the most part, I try to consistently eat clean. I ate (and still eat) a lot of oats, nuts, fish, veggies, fruit & water. And last but certainly not least, Patience, and time!!!!

Q) How did the body change you experienced while pregnant, affect you?
A) I’ll be honest- it was super tough for me! I gained 50 lbs- but that’s what I needed to gain to be healthy, and have a healthy baby. Looking back, I wish I could’ve embraced the miracle going on inside of me more instead of worrying about how I wasn’t fitting into my model clothes.
On the plus side, my hair, skin & nails never looked better!

Q) Do you still communicate with your co models from ANTM?
A) Even though we now live on opposite coasts, I still keep in contact with Jessica from my season!

Q) 1. Do you earn a stable income from modelling or is working freelance pretty tough? 2. What kind of hours a week do you usually work?
A) 1. It really all depends! It took me 2 years of not making really any income to finally start working consistently (and this was after I was on ANTM!) Once you start working consistently, modeling can make a very nice income. It just takes a long time to get started- a lot of rejection. It helps to have an agency that respects you and works hard for you! Shoutout to NTA & Photogenics for being AMAZING! 2. One week you could work no hours, and the next week you could work 60 hours. It really all depends on so many factors.

Q) If you weren’t a model what job do think you would’ve enjoyed too?
A) I’ve always loved kids and animals! I also think being a type of news or weather reporter would be fun! Originally I was getting a degree in biology so I could be a zoologist, but then half way through college I switched to a Broadcast Journalism degree because that quickly became an interest. But to be totally honest, being a Mommy is my dream job!!!

Q)) Have you been able to take Kaia with you to photo shoots?
A) I’ve only taken her to one! It was so much fun!!! My husband Rhett, was there to help out though! He stayed the entire time. I couldn’t have done a shoot WITH Kaia, without him 🙂

Q) What is your love story with your Rhett?
A) I could gush on and on about him and how he’s truly the most remarkable, loving, selfless, respectful, giving, honest, kind, thoughtful, and most high integrity man I’ve ever known. But for now, I will tell you just one of my many favorite stories…

I was living in LA at the time, but was home visiting my family in Minnesota. He asked me out to dinner for our first date. I said yes, but also told him I had to be home by 8pm because I was only home for a few days and wanted to spend time with my family, and they were having “family movie night” that night starting at 8pm (WHICH WAS A TOTAL LIE). I didn’t even know if my family would be home that evening! I just hate it when guys expect you to come over after dinner. I needed an excuse. Little did I know, Rhett never expected me to come over in the first place. He is a TRUE gentleman. So, we are in the middle of dinner and with a slightly panicked look he says, “It’s 8:05! I was suppose to have you back home by 8!” We were having such a great time at this amazing restaurant and told him it was totally fine, no need to worry. But he insisted on getting the check, and driving me home right away. Once he pulled into my parents driveway, he got out to open the door for me and started walking me to the door. I asked, “Where are you going?” He responded, “I said I’d have you home by 8. It’s 8:20. I need to apologize to your parents- this was disrespectful of me.” OOMMMGGG….and that’s when I knew he was the real deal. (And yes, yes I was sweating bullets begging him not to come inside to apologize (I didn’t even know if my family was home lol!) Finally I convinced him not to- thank goodness!)

Q) Do you have an eco friendly lifestyle?
A) I really try to! I use as many reusable products as I can, and try to minimize my waste whenever I get the chance. I also support local businesses and farms that make eco friendly products a priority.

Q) What is your favorite book?
A) I really enjoy The Reason For God by Tim Keller! I’ve read it more than once, and plan on reading it a few more times:) It really makes you think.

Q) How do you keep your eyebrows big and perfect?
A) I don’t know if I’d ever use the world “perfect” in talking about my caterpillars lol. But to answer the question, I never wax them. I tweeze them every other day, trim them once every 2 weeks, and try to remember to use my clear eyebrow gel to keep them from getting too rowdy 😉